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How to open new window with and not be seen by chrome a popup

If in the command stack the is not direct under the onClick event then the new window it must be a popup. If the browser is set to block

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Android get versionCode and versionName from your AndroidManifest.xml

Sometimes showing version in your app is a good think, and when you do this a good think is to not have 2 ore more places where wou have to

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PHP: trim spaces in the middle of a string

When you let users input text in a textfield or input box it is always a good idea to use trim function to remove spaces form the beginning or the

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MySQL: Select today, yesterday or day before yesterday records

Usually when you work with records where a date or time-stamp field is present you need to select records from: today records yesterday records day before yesterday records Lets say

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How to restart an Activity on Android (Java)

Using the function bellow in a activity class you can restart the current activity.

Android: Load array of Strings from Resources

It is remanded to keep your strings in xml resources, but how do you get them as a String[] ?

Unable to find the wrapper “https”

Today I had to put a simple script on one of my hosting server where a “Facebook Login” button was available for login. However when I had to run it

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“Progress bar” for long running cron scripts in PHP

Long running scripts can be a pain if you don’t know how much will be running. If you need to see a progress and flush() or ob_flush() do not work

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