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Mobile AppWidget for WordPress a new way to promote mobile apps on your blog

Mobile AppWidget is a wordpress widget witch let any blogger which use wordpress framework to display in the sidebar one simple widget where mobile apps can be promoted.

Mobile app widget sidebar previewOn the left you can see a screenshot of how this plugin will display the Ad for a mobile app.

In this case an Android app is showed, however if the app is made for iOS or Windows Phone  or if it has versions for all mobile platforms links for them are displayed.

How is working ?

After plugin is activate you can see a new option in your wordpress dashboard “Mob AppWidget”.

Under this menu entry 2 options are available “Mobile Apps” and Campaigns.

On Mobile Apps you can see what apps are listed and add new apps or edit / delete existing apps.

Check the screenshots for more info.

Mobile AppWidget apps listingMobile AppWidget - add new mobile application

When you want to promote a mobile app first that app will have to be added in to this plugin. Title, description, author.

If the app is free 0 should be added at the Price. If the app is not free add the price and from the drop down from bellow ad the currency. (You can not find a currency? Please contact me)

Thumb image can be added in 2 ways. First “From URL” you just have to paste the image url. The second way is to upload a image.

The next 3 fields are the download links or the urls to where the app can be downloaded.

After you have at least one app you can go to campaigns and create one.

Mobile AppWidget - Campaigns listingMobile AppWidget - Add new campaign

Each widget will display a campaign. So if you want to promote one or more apps in your sidebar you need to create a app and include that apps in the same campaign.

A campaign have a start date.

It can be unlimited or with a fixed end date.

Also you can set the campaign to show apps for ever or to have click and / or view constrains.

For example if you want to promote your own apps forever create a campaign with no ending no, total clicks unlimited and total views unlimited.

But if you want to sell this add space for max 10k views set no ending, on Total Views set 10 000.

If you use combination of conditions for your campaign the campaign will end when reach the first condition.

An in the end do not forget to go to Appearance > Widgets and add the “Mobile AppWidget” widget select the campaign you want from the plugin dropdown and this is it.

You can download this plugin for free from this link. More features are in development so until the guys from WordPress.org will add it to the public repository check this article for updates.

If you want to suport the next update use this link or contact me.

Update: Mobile AppWidget can be downloaded from the official WordPress.net plugin repository.

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